Cowboys look to get best 5 OL on the field

If the Cowboys are healthy on the OL and want to play their best five , it’s likely to mean putting off the long term plan of Tyler Smith protecting Prescotts left side at LT, particularly because Steele has recovered from knee surgery and is ready to play RT again.

Two spots are settled as Cowboys pursue third consecutive trip to the playoffs . Martin at RG and Biadasz is the center .

When Tyron was ready to return from hamstring injury last December , Steele had already sustained a major knee injury . Instead of moving Tyler across the line to give Tyron his old spot the Cowboys put Tyron at RT where he stayed the final 6 games including 2 playoff games .

The 32 year old Tyron Smith hasn’t played a full season since 2015 missing 33 of 50 games over the last 3 regular seasons because of injury. His contract is up after this year which means the permanent move of Tyler Smith to LT appears imminent.

With McGovern signing with Buffalo in offseason the Cowboys are in search of a more permanent solution for LG. In the meantime as long as everyone is healthy it appears Smith and Smith will line up next to each other on the left side . And this could be the strongest our OL has been in years.

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