Jerry’s reluctance to go all in

How should we take this as fans most of us have adjusted our expectations but I don’t think any of us really planned on us never going to do enough to win a championship for fear of not being relevant for a couple years.

This is where we stand our owner and GM is not going to be active in free agency or aggressive enough to get us over the top he is very much satisfied with just making the playoffs and staying relevant.

I adjusted my expectations long ago knowing his limitations as a general manager but now it’s even more than that it’s not his lack of skill but it’s his fear of staying relevant.

Worse yet he doesn’t even really know the condition of the teams that he speaks about when comparing the eagles and the Rams One team really emptying the bucket and the other having plenty of first-round draft picks to continue to bolster their team.

When you’re winning 12 games a season it should be a great time to be a Cowboys fan but when you know that that is the absolute ceiling with maybe a playoff win you can’t help but feel despondent

We continue to soldier on we stay the course we root for the laundry but it’s all an exercise and futility with an owner and GM that just won’t do what’s necessary and go the extra mile to get us over the top.

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