Dalvin Cook – Part 2

I don’t think anyone believes that Cook doesn’t make us a better team; the best possible 1-2 punch; the highest quality RB out there and certainly much better and more versatile than any RB outside of Pollard, yet more experienced than Pollard.

Many think if Jerry is really all in this year, then this is a no brainer and the only RB who keeps us solid if there’s another injury, the only RB that we can all say there’s no real drop off when Pollard is on the sideline.

So what are the possible issues?

  • Salary…we can afford to pay Cook easily, but if Pollard shines as the starter, does a Cook contract hinder resigning Pollard.
  • Team chemistry. Yes, we should do what’s best for the team, but how does this affect Pollard who was finally expecting to be the #1 guy. You can’t sign Cook and not give him at least a 50-50 ratio.
  • Is Dallas already planning to bring Zeke back, but this time with the understanding that his role is short yardage and pass pro, maybe even as an occasional FB in a 2-back set, but knowing that Pollard is the starter? If they are hoping to do this if Zeke has no other options, then maybe they have no interest in Cook or drag their feet.
  • Cook is still near or in his prime, still has his speed. After Minnesota, is he willing to be part of a committee or is he more likely looking to be the #1 for any team making an offer?

Personally, I feel Dallas is between a rock and a hard place at RB. Pollard is already guaranteed 10 million this season. I would feel comfortable giving Cook or Pollard a 3 year deal, but can you give Cook that with Pollard making 10 million and possibly later being better than Cook during the season? Can you sign Pollard to a 3 year deal based on his explosive plays last year, giving him starter’s money when he hasn’t yet proven he can handle that role?

Unless Dallas believes Ronald Jones and Malik Davis can give us what we need in the case of a Pollard injury with the Deuce experiment as a situational player, then I for one am not at all comfortable with our RB situation. From top to bottom, there are nothing but questions, not a single element we can be completely confident in to provide the short yardage success and pass pro that we are accustomed to. If it’s not Cook or a solid veteran pickup after cuts (not a dinosaur like Fournette), then I would actually breath a sigh of relief if Zeke was added later on a 1- year contract for specific roles. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but in my opinion we still need a solid #2 RB added to this committee.

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