Is Jalen Moreno Cropper a Better Prospect Now than Tolbert was in 2022?

IMO, Cropper is a better prospect right now than Jalen Tolbert was in 2022. He’s been playing much longer. If you listen to his interviews, Cropper says he’s been dreaming of being an NFL player since he was 6. Tolbert didn’t start playing football until he was a Jr. in HS.

Cropper has similar production at a higher level of competition and if you look at his body of work, he’s just more NFL ready and has more NFL potential tracking the ball and moving around the line.

I have no idea how he didn’t get drafted but I suspect his overall size is to blame. I can’t wait to see him take the field. Cropper was my number one pet cat this year and we somehow landed him.

I still like Tolbert; just dont think his position is safe. I think it’s even likely Cropper moves him down the depth chart or onto the PS.

Looking forward to seeing Jalen, Jalen and Jalen battle it out!

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