What Triggers Eagles Hate For Most Cowboys Fans?

I was watching a replay of the 2nd Wash vs Phil game from 2022 which ended 32-21 Wash and left Phila at 8-1. For some reason unknown to me, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Philly lose. I mean, I "Really" felt some pleasure from watching them lose. I passionately hate that team, city, fans and the state in general because of Pittsburgh.

I trace the hate back to the Dick Vermiel days. The Cowboys used to smoke this team in the 70’s, fell off in the early 80’s including the 1980 NFC Championship Game, which was also called the "Blue Jersey Game", on account that the Eagles, having the choice as the home team, made the Cowboys wear their seemingly cursed blue jerseys (a stigma that dated back to Super Bowl V). To the cheers of a roaring Veterans Stadium crowd, the Eagles defeated the Cowboys 20–7.

And for me, the 90’s excluding 3 SB trophies only added fuel to the damn fire!

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