A Cowboys Version of Chat-GPT. Ask Anything About 2022 Cowboys

Time to share a little secret. I’m a database developer and I have a database containing every play of every game of the 2023 Cowboys. There’s that, and more in my data collection.

Most of what I offer is destined to soon get replaced by AI, so I might as well enjoy a short season of usefulness. Maybe a couple stray likes and nice comments.

Here’s a game we can play to pass some time during this dull period prior to training camp:

You ask a thoughtful interesting question, and I’ll try to answer from the data I have collected. The catch? I get to provide my commentary with any answer. The other catch? I ignore questions I don’t like, for any reason.

I’ll provide some example questions to help you get the idea. One here…more late Wednesday.

Example Question #1

Question: If Sam Williams played as many defensive snaps as DeMarcus Lawrence who would have generated the most sacks?

Answer: Williams generated 4 sacks on 273 snaps. Lawrence generated 6 snaps on 697 snaps.

Had Williams played as many snaps as Lawrence (at the same production per play) he would have produced 10.2 sacks.

Sam Williams, had he played as many defensive snaps, projects to produce 4.2 more sacks, a 70% increase.

Commentary: The Cowboys appreciated that Williams was a rookie with numerous maturity issues, evidenced both in college and on Dallas streets during his rookie season. They gave Williams 245 special teams snaps (Lawrence had none), plus a part time role in the defense. Also Lawrence offered more as a run defender (68.2 PFF > William’s tepid 61.3) and as a mature, seasoned leader.

It’s likely that if Williams applies himself to his trade he can well surpass Lawrence in 2023 as a pass rush threat. The questions will continue for now about Williams ability to manage himself, on–and off–the field.

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