Cowboys playing their 67th playoff game Sunday- most in NFL history

The Cowboys will be playing their 67th playoff game Sunday, which is the most playoff games for an NFL franchise. Below are the best playoff records by teams in NFL history:

  • Cowboys: 36-30 (66 games)
  • Steelers: 36-27 (63 games)
  • Packers: 36-25 (61 games)
  • Patriots: 37-22 (59 games)
  • 49ers: 36-23 (59 games)

The pats have the most playoff wins with 37, but we can tie them with a win Sunday, then retake the lead with additional playoff wins this year. Also interesting, if the packers win Sunday, they take the lead in playoff wins.

One other interesting playoff stat – it’s easy to see the dominance of the two greatest Cowboys head coaches by playoff win numbers. Between Landry and Jimmy are 27 of the Cowboys 36 playoff wins. Those two HCs have 75% of all Cowboys playoff wins.

  • Tom Landry: 20-16
  • Jimmy Johnson: 7-1

Also interesting are playoff wins by Cowboys QBs:

  • Roger Staubach: 13-7
  • Troy Aikman: 11-5
  • Danny White: 5-5
  • Craig Morton: 2-2
  • Tony Romo: 2-4
  • Dak Prescott: 2-4
  • Steve Buerleine: 1-1

Let‘s get on a playoff roll and re-take the lead in playoff wins!

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