I think Dak Prescott is in serious danger

Jerry Jones has a tendency to neglect the oline until it's too late, and the damage is done. We had a very capable QB in Tony Romo. The problem is that Jerry didn't exactly understand that you need to maintain the oline to keep him upright and able to do his job. Prior to breaking his collarbone, Romo broke his finger in 2008 that forced him to miss 4 games. Jerry took no notice that the oline was starting to resemble damp Swiss cheese. He only started doing that with Romo when Romo had his collarbone snap in 2010. Unfortunately, by the time we had gotten Zach Martin, Romo only would play one more full season, and even then missed a game.

Fast forward to Dak. Jerry had been thinking the oline he built in 2014 is still excellent in 2020. Oh, but that's 6 years later, and Tyron had been in the league for 9 years at that point. Players start to break down. Oh well, what's there to worry? Dak breaks his leg. 2020 season toasted. Jerry then proceeds to use the 2nd round pick the next year on…..Kelvin Joseph. What could he have used that on? Well, there were several olinemen taken after. He could've had Aaron Banks who was a solid guard from Notre Dame. He has been decent with the 49ers. He could've taken Jackson Carman. Decent player for the Bengals at OT. Point is, as usual, he could have gotten an olineman instead of projects. His only good 2nd round pick lately has been Trevon Diggs. As a result, last year, Dak's calf muscle gets hurt and misses a game. He was clearly not the same after that Pats game. He started as one of the top 3-5 QBs, but then had that happen.

Thus, what's it going to take for Jerry to understand that he needs to maintain oline. It doesn't have to be in the 1st, but at least in the first 3 rounds, invest in an olineman to keep the depth at top notch. That way he can maintain the insurance on the QB. Problem is, I think Dak is in serious danger. Because of what Jerry has not done, I think Dak could be facing a very bad injury with some of the teams we play this year. All it takes for us to go from potential playoff team to 3-14 is a bad injury to Dak. Yet, we play one of the top defences in week one against the Bucs. What happens to the season if, God-forbid, Dak has a massive injury like a broken shoulder or his back gives way?

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