We learn so little in the preseason

Raise your hand if you saw us winning if Cooper Rush was forced to start after his preseason performance this year.

Rush was 17 of 31 in the preseason for 136 yards and an interception (no TDs). He looked more like he belonged on the street than an NFL roster. Made it easy to cut him and put him on the practice squad.

Sometimes we forget that there's little to no game-planning in the preseason and players can be working on specific things or asked to do specific things. There are also a lot of moving parts with different combinations of players coming in and out of games, so developing a rhythm can be difficult.

It can be easy to get sucked into what happens in those meaningless games. I know that I was with Rush. I wanted nothing to do with him after this preseason. These last couple of games have retaught me that things can be a lot different in the regular season when there is scheming to take advantage of strengths and lessen weaknesses.

I'm sure I'll forget that again by next preseason, though.

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