Offense with Dak is overrated

I know the offense has been one of the top scoring and yards offenses since Dak came back, but those stats are so misleading on how Dak and this offense is performing. The defense has created many turnovers and short fields for the offense.

Dak’s turnovers are also happening at the worst possible moments, often giving the other team momentum. It puts the defense on its heels.

Also, just scoring lots of points can be misleading on how the offense is performing. You have to look at how many possessions the offense is getting, especially if the defense is giving up points. How the offense scores and when it scores in the flow of the game is more important than just scoring a lot of points. For example, the Colts scoring 33 points in the first half against the Vikings is different than scoring 33 points for the whole game. Vikings would not have played hurry up and Colts wouldn’t have played prevent defense the entire second half.

Too often, the Cowboys defense has built a double digit lead and start to play soft, prevent defense. The offense has to help the defense and use the clock, score points, but Dak fails and turns the ball over and go three and out. This allows the other team to gain momentum and comeback. Dak makes terrible decisions. He doesn’t seem like he has the mental capacity to make smart decision.

The offense and team played better under Cooper Rush because of how he managed the game and the flow of the game kept the defense focused for the entire game.

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