A list of Off-season “What if’s” for the Jones Boys

Here’s a dream I have that will probably never happen- A list of “What if’s“ for JJ and SJ this off-season:

  • What if Jerry and Stephen Jones didn’t talk to the press until after the draft?
    • Absolutely No interviews. No bus interviews. Go dark.
    • They could release a carefully vetted statement on occasion- just to avoid telling the rest of the league who they’re going release beforehand then only getting a 5th round pick in a trade- like Cooper last year!
    • They would actually be more interesting for them to be quiet.
  • What if JJ and SJ spent some time sequestered this off-season listening and learning instead of talking?
    • Learning about about how to make this roster better. Listening to input on some bold moves that are risks worth taking.
    • There are several wise former GMs that had success or even a guy like Troy Aikman that could give them some brutally honest assessments of where they could sharpen this roster in ways they don’t see.
  • What if the Jones Boys stopped assuming they’re “this close” and instead assumed they are several bold moves away?
    • What if in their inner sanctum, the Jones boys said, “We need help because our way isn’t working. Our way isn’t good enough.”
    • What if they said, “We want to approach this off-season differently”…?
  • What if the Jones boys let their action do the talking?
    • What if for once they just shut up and worked?
    • By avoiding the press for 2 months, they could actually build more excitement by saying nothing!
    • What if all we knew about the Cowboys off-season was what they did- not what the Jones boys said?

What if we had a great off-season? Instead of a typical one.

What if….?

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