I’m All-In On the 2023 Dallas Cowboys

First of all, let’s not pretend there won’t be those fans among us who whine about "28 years, 28 years. "

Dak dis, Dak dat.

Take one look at this roster, and the pieces we have in place.

I say ***** dat! I’m all-in on this team.

Not to sound like all the Californians moving in to Texas, but if the question is talent? Let’s start anywhere on the roster.

Tight Ends

I’ll go with tight end, since that seems to be the biggest question mark. NFL teams will test our TE, so they will have to respond. I just happen to think we have a versatile group who can all contribute when on the field. None really separate from each other right now.

I’m actually more surprised by Ferguson than I am by Hendershot. I do see Schoonmaker has a step or two on speed, which can be a huge difference. But I think all of these guys are savvy. That’s really what you want, a savvy TE who can do it all. Then, it can make it very difficult when they’re all three on the field. With that said, I want to see more 13 sets with this group.

I actually expect to see more TE sets on the field, because that’s a way to help players like Deuce Vaughn, for instance

Let me ask you this. Is Hendershot’s job up for grabs? What about Ferguson? Is he a sure bet to make the team? Does the staff feel differently about these two than the fans? Why free agents make you give them a roster spot, and who gets the axe to replace them?

I’m not saying it will happen. I’m saying stranger things have happened.

Running Back

Some will say we have question marks at running back. I say you have question mark at scheme. We have all the players at running back we need. I understand there could be an injury to Pollard. But I expect the Cowboys to do their due diligence evaluating and then re-evaluate the running back surplus in the free-agent market, so it’s no biggie. I’ll keep it short there. Fans know who those running backs are. I like what we have. I’d say I’m a tad down on Malik Davis, but I’m also not sure if he’s just being the whipping boy.6

Offensive Line

I suspect some people are under estimating what the Cowboys want to do with Edoga.

I would list every position on the 53. But there’s one guy who I think doesn’t get enough credit. And that is the Red Rocket, Super Cooper Rush. He truly can’t be denied. That’s what I’m saying about this team, though. You can talk all that nonsense about Dak and whether he could do it.

You could be a fan and talk all that nonsense about how Dak "can never get someone to the NFC Championship game." That’s sheer nonsense. Of course, he could. It’s about your 53. Look how much the roster elevated Jalen Hurts last year.

That’s why I’m all-in on the Cowboys, this year. We’re so loaded, not everyone is going to make the roster. Every team has talent, but if you didn’t notice a little from the guys everyone doubted last year, like Gholston towards the end, Kelvin Joseph with huge, heads-up plays, and then all the other guys who look like they could take roster spots, but probably won’t, because of the 53-man limit.

I want to see a more complete team, a team where a guy like David Durden, or some dark-horse guy makes the roster and just takes it to another level.

I want to see a Jalen Tolbert bust out 1,000 yards and make the Cowboys look brilliant. I want this preseason to be a battle, no matter how many roster spots are set in the proverbial stone.

I don’t care if we start 1-2, this team just needs to get in the tournament. I think they will. From there, I think anything is possible, even if some of the worst case scenarios pan out Like, an injury to Lamb, I think would be the most costly. But that’s why I say, it’d be nice if a guy like Tolbert was the next Andre Reed, if Cropper was the next Stephon Diggs, if David Durden was the next Miles Austin, or Ed McCaffrey.

I don’t know. It’s probably my imagination; I admit. I can’t wait until camp. I can’t wait to see who stands out the most in preseason, and what happens on the 90-man roster, but we’ve got enough places in piece where I haven’t seen this compiled on one team in decades


No serious fan can deny. To spell it out, I’m not saying I’m all-in on they’re definitely going to win, but if I were a gambling man, and wanted to make an presumptuous bet on the Cowboys, early on, I’d say all-in on this team, because we are teeming with the talent. More than I’ve seen in a long, long time.

All-in. I hope McCarthy sees the window.

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