Changes to DC podcasts line-ups. what do you like or dislike?

Happy to see Machota take a seat.

My understanding is that Broaddus is moving to the Talkin Cowboys group, in addition to the changes indicated here.

Hoping Eagleton will get back to giving more of his own opinions–not that I generally agree with his opinions, but I don’t listen for who I agree with so much as I listen for who will make me think about X, Y or Z from a different angle. He seemed to ask a lot of questions hosting last season that he didn’t end up answering for himself. Not sure if that was unintentional or just trying to be punctual and keep things moving.

Not really a devoted listener/watcher to any of them except for Media Mash, which practically always has some spirited, substantive discussion, imo. But it’s been once a week as far as I’m aware, and so it’s not enough to fill my commutes.

Probably have listened or watched the Break most consistently b/c it’s every day. Eatman’s usually worth the time, and Broaddus, I have to say, did a great job overall in his comeback to the studio last season of not monopolizing the conversation. And Broaddus has always been good about asking good questions of the group regardless.

It’s a lesson that I’d like to think Nate has learned, but candidly, Nate’s open admission that he doesn’t know names and doesn’t study film to any degree leaves me to consider him a coaster… he’s just there for his voice, his laugh, and his connection to the last great Cowboys era. I won’t listen to a podcast anymore when he’s in the room unless there’s someone else as a guest that more than compensates. That’s been rare.

Major criticism of most of the last year’s line-up… far too much back-slapping and laughing and non-football content overall. I can understand a little bit of that on the front end of a podcast just as a warm-up element, but it just got to be too much. If anyone connected with the podcasts is reading this, we know many of you are friends, you like to have some fun while you work, like we all do. And in some cases, it may be that you’re supposed to make the audience think you like each other, so you make a special effort to convey that. But too much is too much. It’s boring, and for the cynical among us, it feels fabricated sometimes if not often. Just sayin. Moderation = good.

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