Position Flex: Sam Williams Will Probably Play Similar Role to Parsons

So, some will call me crazy. And if that's the case, cool, I've done my job.

Now that this draft is all said and done, and I've had a chance to really chew on our picks, and what those picks mean in terms of the talent they bring to the team, especially this year, I give it a solid A. This post is mostly about Sam Williams, because I think when I look at Sam Williams, and his capabilities, I see a lot of similarities between Williams and Parsons. Like, Parsons, I believe Williams has position flex and can play linebacker in certain packages and plays.

Like Parsons, Williams is a freak athlete who can probably also play a little linebacker — maybe even a little safety.

But the other common element among guys in this draft is position flex.

And all of them have it.

Every single player we drafted this year is sort of a hybrid-type player. From Tyler Smith, hybrid swing tackle slash guard, a guy who is willing to play any position on the offensive line.

To Sam Williams, especially, though, edge slash linebacker, changes the scope of the defense, and compliments Parsons abilities very well.

Let's keep it moving here.

Jalen Tolbert, Jack of all Trades, who can play outside or in the slot.

Jake Ferguson, even, a tight end/h-back type player. (OK, maybe he's the outlier here). It wouldn't surprise me to see him get some work at FB in some packages.

And we also have Waletzko, the swing tackle.

Speaking of position flex, anyone taking bets on if a guy like Damone Clark can rush the passer under Dan Quinn's system as a linebacker?

If we have Fowler, Parsons, and Williams on the field all at the same time, it's a lot harder to account for players like Devin Harper, who is no slouch of an athlete in terms of measurables.

Add to this fact that Daron Bland played CB in college, but looks more like an NFL free safety, and it's interesting to ponder all of this position flex!

I'm not sure how much say Dan Quinn had in the players we picked, but it sure seems he wants two things in players in order to compliment Micah Parson's talent: athletic freakishness and position flex.

And with that said, I think this is going to be the most enjoyable year to watch. I can't wait to see Sam Williams out there with Parsons and Fowler. I think many mistakenly assume that Fowler has to be on the field, or Williams.

But I think Quinn is secretly most excited about having Fowler, Williams and Parsons on the field at the same time.

People are complaining that we didn't go hard enough at middle linebacker. Well, say hello to Dan Quinn's new defense: players like Parsons and Williams will rotate from end to linebacker.

I don't think we'll do much more at MLB, because I think Parsons will hold that down sometimes, and sometimes, we may even see Sam Williams at LB while Parsons rushes the edge.

So let's talk about Williams' versatility.

Is Williams just an edge rusher?

Or is there something more here?

I'm seeing us as a top 3 defense this year.

With a top 15 offense.

If we want to win the big game, it'll be on the backs of our defense.

Go Cowboys!

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