Just for fun whose fault were Dak’s 15 picks


So here are all 15 of Dak’s regular season picks. I tried to be as judicious as possible with whos fault they were. I used the following angles of fault:

1. Dak=Daks fault, terrible pass or decision

2. M=Miscommunication with the WR running wrong route or going behind back instead of rounding in front of the DB

3. WR=Wr’s fault. Ball bounced off his hands and into the DB

4. Def=Defense simply made an incredible play or got a lucky tip for a pick


1. Dak

2. M

3. Dak

4. M/WR

5. Dak

6. Def

7. M Lamb fell down great play by Gilmore to step in front

8. Def

9. Dak

10. Dak

11. WR

12. Dak Sweat made a great play, but Ill give this one to Dak

13. WR

14. Dak

15. Dak

Some of these were easy to see it was Dak or the WR. Some were more difficult. Definitely 2 that were Lambs fault going behind the DB

So the finally tally is:




Not sure what this proves or disproves just interesting to see the results.

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