Cowboys Dodge Elements as Old Man Winter Beats Up Santa

Dallas hasn’t had a game this year where they’ve faced any of the trio of trouble: wind, cold, wet. Nor will they on Sunday, playing in the cozy enclosure of their dome.

The Cowboys might still see weather impact them, Dec 29 in Nashville and January 8 at Washington.

But oh my, this weekend will see three things collide: A possibly record-breaking weather system pulling Arctic air into half the country, Christmas, and a full slate of football games.

How about these outdoor games (forecasted temps)?

Remember wind chill could make it much worse. Wind chills in some parts of country are expected to go to FIFTY-SIXTY BELOW ZERO.

Buffalo @ Chicago (2-12 F)

New Orleans @ Cleveland (9-16 F)

Houston @ Tennessee (10-18 F)

Seattle @ Kansas City (1-16 F)

Cincinatti @ New England (20-29 F)

Detroit @ Charlotte (16-33 F)

Atlanta @ Baltimore (19-27 F)

Las Vegas @ Pittsburgh (8-9 F)

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