Padded Helmets, Pillowy Lies & Poison

This won’t be one of my multi-segmented deep explorations. Just 3 quick thoughts:

1. Padded helmets make everyone look silly, but they make Deuce look like an 11 year old. Get over your "eye test"… it’s only playing mind tricks on you and making you silly-fool. Vaughn is the one who knocks. Doubters destined to fold.

2. Speaking of folding…I initially wanted Jerry to make a stand with Zack, and he sure tried to plant his flag, albeit from the sinking sand of false confidence. After my initial posts I paused myself and actually thought about it. Martin had the iron claw of leverage, a very valid case he’d been underpaid for several years, and it was inevitable Jerry would yield, given the lack of any legitimate depth on the offensive line. We now know the outcome.

3. Poison? Micah Parsons is wicked smart. He watched this Zack saga unfold and he took notes, with whatever Lion claw-scratch calligraphy he’s now crafted. The harsh truth? Micah’s not going to submissively play out his contract. He’s "obligated" to play through 2024 without a penny more than 5.5 mil AV. If you think it will play out as simply and comfortably as that…you silly.

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