Can’t wait to be dazzled by this coming offseason

This morning, on the way to work, I did what I always did and started thinking about what we could do this offseason in terms of FA/trades to fix some of our issues. I should know better than to waste my time on this exercise. Jerry and his bozo son will nickle and dime their way through FA, largely ignore DT yet again and maybe kind of half *** it at WR again convincing themselves that Tolbert will be fine and they don’t need much beyond maybe another James Washington type signing. They will then try to impress us with talk of how the draft will fill all their holes.

But I am bored so here we go.

– Elliott has to go. Even if he takes a pay cut, his cap hit next year will be in the $8ish million range. That’s absurd for what we get from him. Yeah, I know, Stephen went on that stupid diatribe about how important he is and how he’s apparently more vital than Pollard. Don’t be dumb Stephen. Use your freaking eyes. And this draft is long on talent at TB in those middle rounds. Be smart Stephen, geezus.

– Unfortunately, Schultz has to go. He’s good. But this league pays good players oodles of money in FA. He’s going to get upper level TE money and frankly, he’s not a difference maker at TE like a Kelce or Kittle or Goedert.

– Pollard is an interesting case. I’d like him back. He and his agent are going to want to get paid. But he’s coming off an injury. I don’t necessarily like the idea of it, but tagging him is probably what will happen.

– LVE should be back IMO. For all the guff I’ve given him, when he was on the field the run D was better than when he was not. With LVE, it kind of stabilizes things a bit and you don’t have to go chasing a LB early in the draft if one isn’t there.

– I am a dead horse beater on DT. What they keep doing at DT is mindnumbing. It likely won’t change but shoot, this is a year to try to shore it up. Payne is the prize but there are other options that could be cheaper. Tomlinson is a name I’d love to add. Down a peg is a guy like Fletcher Cox who could be a casualty in Philly. Sheldon Rankins is out there too.

– They need a vet CB. I think Bland should stay inside where he played well this year for a rookie. Brown is a FA and frankly I am not sure I want to go with him coming off that injury. There will be options out there. Shoot, the Eagles picked up Bradberry late in FA and all he did was play at an All Pro level.

– Unfortunately, WR is kind of a wasteland in FA unless there are some surprise cuts. DJ Chark might be interesting. Sterling Shepard wouldn’t be terrible but I have no idea what he would cost. But that’s about it. JuJu? Sure but I can’t see KC letting him walk. They really need Tolbert to step up. I still think Gallup will be fine more than a year removed from his injury. If you could come out of the draft with a guy like Hyatt from Tennessee or Flowers from BC, WR should be improved.

– McGovern is an interesting case too. He wasn’t great. He wasn’t bad. If he’s cheap, I’d bring him back. Steele is out for a part of the season so you could roll with the two Smiths at OT and McGovern at LG until Steele is back and then you could flip Tyler back inside until Tyron inevitably gets hurt again. That being said, I could go OL in the first round of the draft too. The Jones kid from UGA is a bit OT who could give you that flexibility to move Tyler inside. And Torrence from UF is a pure guard that could be a mauler at LG. The OL has to be stabilized next year.

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