Excitement or Exasperated

This is the week that for the better part of 30 years Cowboys fans around the world are more angry than almost every other fam base in the NFL. This is the annual “hell week” where Jerry and Steven have decided to tell the fans that they aren’t really that interested in winning a championship.

So I ask you all, The true fans of Americas Team. Will this be a week where we become excited to finally have a chance to compete for a NFC Championship? Or, another week where we are exasperated and hate the owner and his son for putting us through the emotions of watching a series of dumpster dive acquisitions?

What will it be? Will we watch the rich get richer and defy all the BS talk of salary cap hell? Or, will finally join the upper echelons of the good teams and front offices and add some top tier players to this middle of the road team?

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