Half empty glass thinking when we don’t know

OK, I get it. Bad way to lose a playoff game and it wasn't the first time the Cowboys got bounced so there is that "here we go again" attitude but why go to the negative side when we really don't know about several players that will be asked to step up?

This negative vibe so early in the year is not healthy. Don't give into the dark side so quickly and throw in the towel before the draft happens.

What don't we know?

Steele at RT full time unless they go after an OT.

Whomever at LG because that will not be McGovern because they already tried that.

Elliott healthy because he wasn't last season. Shades of Emmitt when they thought he was done and he played on a bad ankle all year. Bad wheels on a RB is not good.

Pollard's contribution because I think that is increasing.

Lamb as the #1WR. They thought he might struggle at OU when Brown left for the NFL and he was better than Brown. And the QB seems to like Lamb and Gallup, along with Schultz, as his favorite targets.

Gallup asking to be more, do more than he has been asked to do before. And he's saying all the right things. He is a very good WR, the only question is the timing of his 100% return.

The #3 WR is not on the team yet.

The effect of McC and Moore being put on the spot because the offense fizzled at the end.

Parsons soph year and how he is implemented in the defense because what we do know is that Quinn stayed. We do know this is a very special player and he's becoming a leader.

The DL is not complete, we do know this.

What the LB corps is going to look like.

The secondary is incomplete but it led the NFL in picks in 2021 and Diggs is still improving.

What players from the D heavy 2021 draft are ready to take the next step because we didn't get to see enough of them.

We do not know what the East is going to look like but I like the Cowboys chances with Jones, Wentz and Hurts as the other QB's. You might be disappointed by the lack of action in FA with the Cowboys but what have the others done to improve?

My point is why just default to the negative when we don't know?

What we do know.

This coaching staff and team went 12-6, swept the East by 20ppg and yes, they only went 6-5 outside the division but that was last year, not this year.

There are reasons to be positive and negative, the choice is yours but with so little known at this time, why not give yourself a break and at least hang in the middle until you do know more. At least give yourself until the draft.

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