2 stories within those 26 years

All I see is a wailing and gnashing of teeth over the last 26 years of not coming close to a championship but what of the 2 stories that only Cowboys fans got during that period of time?

Is not the underdog one of the compelling aspects of sports that drives it? We will see that unfold today with TCU the longshot to advance in the CFP. They will have a lot of fans because of that one reason.

The Cowboys have had some exceptional QB’s throughout their history but when it comes to underdog stories, we have two back-to-back than no team can boast about.

The first only got called to the Combine to work out TE’s and then only got signed as a UDFA because of an alum on the Cowboys coaching staff. His only other shot was another alum, Mike Shanahan. He worked his way up and ended up QBing the Cowboys for 10 years and became one of the must watch players in the league because of his Houdini act. Also, one of the most polarizing players for the fans the team had ever known.

The second was the third choice and picked in the fourth round and relegated to third string and only got the starting job after injuries to QB’s 1 and 2. The remarkable thing about that is that is exactly how he got the QB1 job in high school and college. He would not relinquish any of the 3 jobs once he took them over. He gets the incorrigible tag about his inaccuracy even by the former QB1, who would end up changing his opinion after he worked on his craft to improve in that area. He has proven to be resilient with injuries and possessed in his efforts to return to his team. Also, one of the most polarizing players for the fans the team has even known.

Yes, the Cowboys haven’t won much, except a few division titles, in the last 26 years but what of these 2 stories that we have witnessed as Cowboys fans? The pure essence of the underdog story yet once they make it, some seem to resent them for it. The odds were against them yet they rose above that to give hope to everyone who was told they weren’t good enough.

Dedication and hard work seem to take a backseat to God given talent too often but we have two examples of that for us to share.

I just got to thinking about this on the last day of 2022 and some overlooked things we might should take another look at while we complain about those 26 years. It hasn’t been all bad and it hasn’t been all that bad, it really is overblown and run into the ground a little too much.

Those of you that have children, what’s the better story to share with them? A man with God given talent that gets drafted #1 and goes on to win 3 championships and enter the HOF or two men facing long odds, told they’re not good enough, that rise above that through their dedication and hard work? One is a fulfilling of a destiny; the other two made their own.

No, my friends, we were not cursed with these 26 years, we were given 2 stories that no other team can match and we should take the time to really appreciate those 2 gifts.

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