Give it Up to Tyler Smith; You know, For Saving the Season

Remember this offseason when nobody seemed to know what the plan was for the offensive line?

Well . . . how about that Tyler Smith kid?

I have to say, he’s a great starting point for keeping the Dallas tradition of being strong up front. I’ve always liked that about this team. It at least makes you competitive if you’ve got a good offensive line, even you’re not a great team in other areas.

This is different though. I actually feel pretty good about McGovern maybe getting time at center for the last game. And it’s a long week, so I can’t see Biadasz being out for the entire playoffs. I feel like this team has way more depth on the offensive line than I once thought, in part because of how players like Tyler and Peters are able to flex.

Anyway, 12-4 right now, with a chance to end the season 13-4.

Pretty sure I had one of the highest prediction rates in the "predict our record" thread, which I argue we should bump at seasons’ end, just for fun, and I didn’t even predict that sort of regular season.

Anyway, we accomplished a lot this year, in part because we made the right read on a player we ended up counting on.

As far as a first round pick goes, you want them to contribute their rookie years, ideally. And I’d say Tyler, although not perfect, contributed just fine this year.

Nice work by McClay, and the F.O. nailed their calculation.

Good job by Tyler, too.

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