Fe, Fi, FO, Fum, methinks the FO is not dumb

First off, I am as critical of the owner and his son as anyone because I just flat do not like them but some of the criticism thrown their way is overdone.

He is not the worst GM, by far, in the NFL, either now or as long as he's been doing it. The 26 years of wandering in the wilderness makes him an easy target.

I see blame for Elliott's contract and for Schultz's but is the blame for Schultz's balanced by praise for picking Ferguson and Hendershot for better options in this off season?

The blame for Prescott's is overblown because the crime was not giving themselves any options but the draft and what would a trade up in picks cost and was that worth the risk? They did what they had to do and the criticism for not doing the deal earlier ignores the fact they tried to do that. Most likely at the value they placed on him and not what the market dictated.

So, they sit at 6-2, with a backup QB steering most of those but where is the credit for Cooper Rush?

Here is what I am thinking is happening to too many of you. You are letting the past throw shade on your sunshine of this season. You just can't let it go.

Let those 26 years go and relish this season that is right now. They have the best defense in the last 27 years and a run game they seem content to lean on. This is a good team.

Yes, they could lose in the wild card round and keep that string going but why worry about that now? That's 10 games away and a lot is going to happen between then and now. So, forget then and embrace now.

Don't you really want to be happy being a fan? Or have we become happy blaming the FO for everything to the point that we do not see all of the positive moves they've made? Are we too happy being critical?

Believe me, it is not fun for me to give them credit but there is not any analyst that would have given them a chance at 6-2 when Prescott went down. I know, I heard them all.

So far in the 2022 season, this FO has done a great job and better than anyone here would have predicted. We are so busy criticizing them, the good things slip by us. And there are some really good things.

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