The real problem I have with that playoff loss

We've had others to get over but this one hangs with me for one reason.

He fires the HC and states he wants one with experience.

He hires one with not only experience, 13 years, but with a QB pedigree as well in a 12 hour interview.

That HC brings back the former OC who has already been offered the OC job at UW.

The offense struggles in that playoff game and really is the reason they lost. The defense only gave up 23 and that's a manageable number with the league's #1 offense.

Here's my problem.

While the offense is struggling, the offensive coach with the most experience, Mike McCarthy, not only stays out of it but after the game volunteers the unimaginable, he tells the media he stayed out of it on purpose. Why?

I have never heard any HC in a post game loss say anything like this? What HC is going to stay out of it? Have you ever seen a HC losing his mind with his coaches and getting involved? All the time. LOL, Saban does that after one bad play with his staff. Fassel demoted Payton within the season.

Was he told to stay out of it? Is that why he delivered that message which could not have gone over well with the Joneses. I thought this is one of the craziest things I have ever heard any HC say and coaches do not usually throw their subordinates under the bus but he sure as hell did with that statement. That, was on him, not me.

If that's over and done with, nothing to worry about but is that just the surface area of the real problem swirling underneath? Has that and do they even want that corrected?

I stated after McC was hired that he voluntarily brought Moore back as OC but I think I was wrong. I connected them letting him walk and his interviewing with UW that ship had sailed. It was merely cruising in the harbor.

But what if the two reasons McC got that job in only 12 hours was his ability to put the owner at ease that he could continue to be the face and voice of the team and he agreed to bring Moore back?

Are they so enamored with Kellen Moore that they would order the HC to stay out of his way in that playoff game? Because how else can you explain that? McC kept himself out of it? Not a chance. No HC does that.

What they didn't count on was McC confessing that he stayed out of it at the pc. Did you happen to catch the stunned silence when he said that? That did not go over well and I am surprised we haven't seen a lot more about that.

Now, what we get is "I am going to get more involved in everything. Even going to fix those pesky penalties". What HC says that? "OK, enough of this foolin' around, time to get down to work. OK, OK, I'll do my job, back off"!

Is it a coincidence that it was the better teams the Cowboys struggled against? The teams with better coaching staffs and defenses? The Cowboys were flat lost and outplayed in that first half and they didn't look like that had a clue what to do.

I think the real problems with this team and the offense may run deeper than we know and it is the set up that is the culprit.

McC is saying all the right things now because he was told to do that to keep his job? Has anything really changed? Well, one thing, the talent level is down on the offense for a fact and so far who do you think is running the football side of this franchise?

When the fault is within the plan, nothing gets better until the plan changes.

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