Breathe, Overreactions Must Be Curbed

Last week, we lost on the road to a desperate team led by a HOF QB playing for their season. We lost in OT lol. Should we have won that game? Sure, but it’s not some egregious loss that makes zero sense. It’s as normal of a loss as you’ll see in the league. Lions beat NYG, Indy almost toppled the now beatable Eagles. Welcome to the new NFL.

We just went on the road and beat a very good team. We did it in dominant fashion. Many of our own fans probably would’ve bet on Minny coming into this week. Wish we could have a more realistic and centered CZ after losses.

Breathe! We weren’t going to go 15-2, losses happen. We won the more important of the two games anyway between GB and Minnesota. All that season is over talk was definitely driven by a select few posters, but I urge the majority of us to not freak out at a loss in the NFL. Conversely, a win doesn’t mean we are SB bound.

Enjoy the ride and try not to freak out either way. This is a good team, can it be great? Let’s see.

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