How Does the Narrative Change if We Beat Vikes? Plus Potential Silver Lining of GB Loss

First the potential silver lining of this GB loss:

-IF, and I know it’s a big if, we come out against Minny and truly learn from GB then it may be the best loss of the Mike McCarthy era.

-The team told us they learned from the time with Rush and moved towards a run-first offense. But as soon as we play a team that truly challenges us/is important they digressed right back into last year’s philosophy. In this loss that was painfully obvious. Hopefully it’s strong enough of a lesson to stop pivoting back to pass heavy O.

-Whether it’s Moore or Dak, we need to have finally learned our lesson about the risk taking and game scripts associated with 40+ pass attempts. If they show this understanding against Minnesota then it’s a huge step forward.

Now that we have an outline for potential silver lining from that loss. We turn to the main question of the thread.

If we go to Minnesota and beat them by playing the way we should play, how does that change the narrative?

I think it would eliminate the idea that the team this year can’t beat strong teams on the road. It would also chalk up last week’s loss as a tough OT road defeat versus a team playing for their season with a HOF QB leading the way. A lot less shameful than what’s been expressed this week by zoners.

What would change for you all if we beat Minny?

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