A hornets nest is awaiting Dak after his rehab

Dak is about to rehab under a daunting, ominous cloud these next two months. I suggest they plan his next start on back-to-back road games to help ease the pounding.

No longer are the blinders on half the Cowboys fandom. We all support him as a good dude who gives it his all, but half of us also haven't believed he was the guy for a very long time, and certainly not worth the elite salary cap space he takes up. That debate has eaten up the majority of the bandwidth on this site for several years.

No more debate. Now, nobody in their right mind still believes he can carry the team in clutch moments against good teams while eating up piles of the cap at the same time. The boos grew louder and longer last night as the game wore on. The end was a broken hand and an ugly image of people throwing things at him as he went in for treatment. C'mon Cowboy fans, be better than that. Sheesh.

I haven't heard it like that in the stadium ever, especially when it was all aimed primarily at a single player. Passes were behind and over the heads of receivers from the second drive on. It got uglier and uglier, especially the double-clutching and unwillingness to throw the ball at times.

Dak still doesn't trust his arm. Clearly.

There he stood, eyes, like saucers on the sidelines, as if he's trapped in a bootloop he can't resolve. Want-to and work ethic can't seem to fix the shortcomings, or his would be fixed. He's truly a first-class guy who gives it all he's got. And this is all he's got.

Now, two-plus seasons that have featured a AC joint sprain, dislocated ankle, lat/shoulder strain, calf strain, broken hand…..they're piling up quicker and earlier than they did with Romo. Romo was the picture of health compared to this guy to this point in their careers.

I wonder what the team thinks. Cooper lost confidence in Dak, and that got him a ticket out of here. Other teams toy with him in the media. He's nobody's darling anymore.

This return will define Dak quickly and forever. He's got to let go of his insecurities and just play. Let it be whatever it is. Turn it loose.

That's his only out of this dark hole and back into Cowboys fans' hearts and minds.

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