Why the “Run it Back” Philosophy Usually Doesn’t Work

In my opinion, one of the mistakes the Cowboys organization makes over and over is what I will call the “Run it back” philosophy. Which means you decide the core of your team cannot be broken up, (even if it potentially means your team could get better), and decides to “Run it Back” with that same core of players. The same core btw who hasn’t really accomplished much at all in the playoffs.

I am assuming our FO considers these guys the core based on current or future contracts: Dak (good but needs help), Zeke (over the hill), Tyron Smith, (always hurt), Zack Martin (HOFer), Pollard (good but RBs don’t stay good very long), Micah (stud), Diggs (good, not great), Lamb (good, not great), Donovan Wilson (good, not great), perhaps LVE (decent, often hurt, won’t be getting better). I may have left someone out.

Of all those guys, my untouchables are Zack Martin and Micah Parsons. That’s it- that’s the core. I also understand that Dak is here for years to come so he’s going to be part of the core regardless. (Btw, I’m not anti-Dak. I just think he’s a good starting QB who needs lots of support to win playoff games)

The problems with the “Run it back” kind of thinking starts with these questions:

  • 1. What have we accomplished WITH those guys? Answer: We have won a couple of wild card games the last 5 years WITH most of those guys. In other words they haven’t accomplished much.
  • 2. Can we realistically expect a 4-5 year veteran who has thus far been good, but not great, will somehow in years 6-8 become even better? We know Zeke will continue to slide, Dak needs lots of help, Tyron S may play a couple of games before getting hurt, LVE is one more neck stinger away from retirement. Is that really a core?
  • 3. Who on this roster is completely untouchable? Micah and Zack Martin. That’s it. And I would probably listen to a trade option for Martin if it was big enough.

For the record, I’m not saying cut or trade everyone or blowing up the team. I am simply asking:

  • Why not re-consider who the core players are or could be? (If the current core is so indepensible, why haven’t we won more playoff games with them?)
  • Why not consider adding some guys aren’t here yet to the core? (Isn’t it possible we could get better than what we’ve been?)
  • Why keep so many good but not great players at all costs? Maybe we should consider how to get BETTER.
  • Why is the “Run it Back” the centerpiece of the future?

What are your thoughts about “Run it back”?

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