Let Wil McClay lead

My one big wish list going into the offseason with players per free agency, trades and NFL Draft is …let guru Wil McClay lead the way.

– Sure Stephen "Cap Boy" Jones will determine the contract dollar amount this team will commit to certain players whether on the roster, or from outside.

And no doubt has a hand in what draft picks and rounds will be determined in any possible trades

– But McClay’s groups scouts, film studies, and evaluate the outsiders, both from around the NFL, and especially in the NFL draft.

– And the NFL draft is most definitely where i want McClay leading and determining the players selected in respective rounds.

– No Defensive Coordinator in his ear urging him to hurry and pick this and that player early on ..

No more Taco Charltons and Nahshon Wrights in early rounds.

It’s not always gonna be a golden fleece with McClay, and we’ll get the Escobars, Josephs, McGovern but I’ve become to trust him with hits- mistakes.

He’s won more than he has lost. And he won’t buckle to what media and fans want.

– Many questioned the LVE pick, but he was lights out his rookie year and Pro bowl, many questioned Lamb pick over defensive picks, he’s a Pro Bowler

and easily our lead feature WR.

– Many questioned the Tyler Smith pick in first round last year. But he’s a bright spot for this team last year and looks to be our future star at LT.

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