Are the Cowboys totally focused on building a championship team?

Our owner has made some very candid public outburst in recent weeks which has supported my opinions this era on his priorities.

This is what I’ve always appreciated about our dysfunctional ownership and front office. In order to appeal to fans criticism and the hounding from media he often displays his honest feelings.

In the past he’s said he’d doing everything within his power to win and no one wants to win more than him but he’s unwilling to make any changes at the top even after admitting he’d of fired a GM with his record this era. Basically this means he only wants to win his way.

He’s also stated that remaining interesting and relative is the most important factor in order to maintain the record revenue hyping and promoting our iconic brand.

More recently he’s stated that going All In isn’t worth the risk as it could lead to lean years needing more of an overall rebuild.

The reason I bring this up is I think it’s time we adjust our expectations here. If our owner isn’t willing to make the decisions and moves to build more than an entertainment entity which simply maintains interest and relativity why are we beating our heads trying to figure out how to build a championship team or critiquing them for not building more than they have.

I’m not sure that’s a core priority anymore. Sure, if we stumbled onto another Super Bowl they’d be ecstatic and more than happy to take credit.

I think they are content with this level of success as it continues driving their record revenue enabling the celebrity status he’s pursued. At age 80 he still seems determined to stay the course of status quo regardless whether he’s delegated some responsibility or not.

He’s still intent on being the face of the franchise and where the buck stops . And the meddling with coaching decisions and players contracts persist which all too often influence the atmosphere , culture and potentially the strategic football mentality.

Until we can move on from these unfortunate priorities and distractions it’s very difficult for me to take this football franchise very serious. It’s become more of a sports entertainment venture which I believe is the core intention in order to prevent more serious pressure from the fans and media. Any success beyond that is purely coincidental or sheer chance.


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