Early Over/Under Predictions

We’re still 3 weeks away from training camp, and it’s too early to know much about this team. But when has that ever stopped us from speculation in the dull off-season?

Below is a short list of over/under predictions for 2022- some I got from Vegas- some my own. Just for fun, make your over/under predictions on these topics and why. My predictions will be in parentheses.

  1. Cowboys win 10 or more games in 2022- Vegas has us at 10.5. The Cowboys haven’t put back to back double digit wins together since 1995-96. (Under– When it’s been nearly three decades since this has happened, I’ll believe it when it happens)
  2. Dak throws for 4,000 yards and 34 TDs- when Dak has played a full season in 2019 and 2021, he throws for 4k. With the loss of Cooper and Gallup’s early season absence I think his yards may come down a little this year and I think the running game may be better. But I still say (Over on both)
  3. Cowboys defense gets 30+ takeaways- last year the Cowboys D had 34 takeaways, the most in the NFL. Although the takeaways were great, it somewhat masked some of their ongoing problems stopping the run. I think the Cowboys D will be better this year, but not as many TOs. That’s very hard to repeat. (Under– too hard to repeat)
  4. Zeke Elliott rushes for 1,200 yards- last year Zeke barely reached 1,000 yards, although he was hurt for more than half the season. Can he return to anything close to his 2016-2019 seasons. There’s a lot of tread gone on those tires and Tony Pollard should get more carries this year. (Under- don’t think Zeke has it in him anymore)

  5. Cedee Lamb will have 1,200 yds receiving- With the departure of Amari Cooper and the early season injury recovery of Michael Gallup, Lamb will certainly be the most frequent target. He had 1,102 yards last year- (Over– Lamb will have more targets, receptions and yards, assuming he’s healthy all season)
  6. Dak will have 60 or more rushing attempts- For his career so far, Dak has rushed for 1,445 yards, avg 4.7 per attempt. Last year he only rushed 48 times, down from the 75 attempts he had in 2018. I think he was still recovering from that gruesome leg injury last yr and will run more in ‘22. (Over- Dak’s running is a weapon defenses stopped worrying about last year. That changes this year)
  7. Micah Parsons will have 10+ sacks this year- Parsons had 13 sacks last year in his amazing rookie season. With the loss of Randy Gregory, I expect the team will still need a lot of pass rush help from #11. (Over- Parsons will once again be a candidate for Defensive Player of the Year)

What say you on these over/under predictions for 2022?

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