Cowboys players who probably won’t be back next year

There are multiple players on our roster, many who will be FAs next year who likely will not be on the roster next year either because of cap restrictions or just needing to move on. I’m intentionally leaving Dak off this list because that is a much more complex situation that requires a separate category. I’m not against moving on from Dak, but don’t want to discuss it here.

Some of these names will be obvious, some may not. Most of the guys I’m about to list will be FAs. Here are my predictions for players we will (should) be considered for an exit:

  • Tyler Biadaz– finished his rookie deal and will command a hefty raise. But IMO, he’s just ok. He’s a good starter but he’s not worth a big raise on a team full of cap challenges.
  • Michael Gallup- has never been the same since his knee injury 2 years ago. His contract is structured for an out this year. He gone.
  • Tony Pollard- after one year on the cap at $10 mil a season, he’s going into 2024 with no contract. He will not be worth the contract he will garner next year. He’s gone.
  • Leighton Vander Esch- LVE – His neck injury is a quality of life thing. He needs to retire.
  • Dorance Armstrong- he’s a good but not great player who benefits greatly being a part time pass rusher opposite Parsons. He will get offers for more than we should pay.
  • Stephon Gilmore- he is a FA. Honestly at 34, he is probably mostly done. We have Diggs on a big deal and Bland. Time to move on.
  • Tyron Smith- He is signed through 2024 I think. But honestly, even though he had an ok year in terms of not missing as many games as he had been missing before. That’s a low bar. He will be an old 34 next year. He’s not owed that much. I would move on. He’s no longer dependable. I love Tyron. He was truly a great player; a great player who‘s time is up.
  • Jourdan Lewis- He will be 29 next year. He had a pretty good year last year but is he worth getting a raise on a cap strapped team?
  • Jayron Kearse- Kearse has been good. Great? No. He’s probably going to get some higher offers that make it hard to keep him. I could see him following wherever Dan Quinn lands.
  • Dante Fowler- he’s a good pass rusher but is he worth keeping at the same price or more? No.
  • Neville Gallimore- finished his rookie deal and is just a rotational guy with only occasional flashes. JAG.
  • Noah Igbinoghene – guy we got in the KJoseph trade last fall. Played very little when it mattered. His rookie deal is up. So…bye.
  • Sean McKeon- Now the 4th or 5th TE who is mainly a blocker. We have a better TE room than 2 years ago.

There are a few other FAs that may be gone. Some of the guys above may also sign here again. Many of the replacements for the guys above would likely come from the draft or cheaper FAs. Will be a very interesting offseason to say the least.

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