DT Trysten Hill could surprise

Trysten Hill will be one of the three 3-tech DT guys I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Some here either will,.. or already have written him off the roster.

– Barring injury, I still think Trysten has a chance to make this 53 roster as a key rotation guy.

Yes, he is not Quinn’s hand picked draft selection, but neither is Gallimore.

– I don’t think his mini camp impressions is by luck, as it was reported he gave rookie Tyler Smith

some problems vs pass, shouldn't come as a surprised.

Hill is athletic and agile, and can move well off the blocks and in pursuit for one 310 pounds.

– For one over 300 pounds, I even to tend to think in terms of his lateral movement, agility and change of direction may be better than Gallimore.

I think between durability and discipline issues (maturity) , that’s been his biggest issues and setbacks.

– Like Gallimore, he’s been slowed and setback by injuries,

He was benched for most of his rookie year under Marinelli

His 2nd year was immediately shortened by the ACL tear injury

His 3rd year he was very slow to recover off coming off that ACL injury; by mid-season.

It didn't helped by a game suspension per post game Raiders.

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