Driving the Bus: We’ve Got a Good Thing Going with Cooper Rush

The offense has learned how to win with Cooper Rush driving the proverbial bus. Of course, this not only set an example that Dak can strive for, it has shown the players how to come through and win on their own.

So, maybe when Dak does come back, the offense will be more of a team, and play with the cohesion and will to win games.

I have to say, it was nice looking at the team without Dak on the offense and Parsons on the defense, just for a moment, to see what it looks like without them.

In the end, Cooper Rush could end up being our guy.

A good part of his game is starting to remind me of Kurt Warner, and so he would just need the reps after sticking it out as backup for 6 years.

As a whole, this team could surprise people, just because they've caught so much flack and the Eagles are perceived to be so much better. If they keep playing with their backs against the wall and a chip on their shoulders that just might help them win as a team.

So and so may have a bad game, but as a team, they win. That's how it goes. The guy who had the bad game picks up the slack the next time. You just can't have too many in a row, for the team.

That's what I feel like Cooper Rush has gifted us. Instead of folding under pressure, this team is still alive and well. And most importantly, their story has yet to be written.

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