Dorance Armstrong appreciation

I was a cautiously optimistic “Big” fan of Randy Gregory when we drafted him. And like many Cowboys fans, I patiently waited for his “Breakout” season bc of his potential. And although he would/could take over parts of games when he was motivated, he never really fulfilled the huge expectations.

That said.. I also really liked Dorance Armstrong’s potential, but knew it may take time bc he was so young and raw coming out of Kansas. He reminded me a lot of DLaw physically and his career path has taken a similar path. Both took a few years before reaping the rewards. Now, Armstrong is taking it to another level and should be respected more for it.

Over the last 12 regular season games, Armstrong has collected 8 sacks at DE.. and added 2 blocked punts and a fumble recovery for a TD. He’s really making his presence felt. Obviously there’s a Parsons factor to this revelation, but give Armstrong credit for capitalizing on his opportunities.

All the off-season barking of not obtaining Randy Gregory is a mute subject now. Dal made the right decision to secure Armstrong first. And Gratefully, Armstrong is responding with a fantastic start to the season. Take notice and tip your hats.

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