TY Hilton vs OBJ- Interesting Career Stats comparison

Comparing newly acquired TY Hilton to OBJ is an interesting stat comparison. Hilton is amazingly similar receiver with a better per reception avg and of course less drama and expense, lol. OBJ has played two less seasons.

Here are the stat comparisons- TY Hilton numbers first, followed by OBJ:

  • Age: 33 vs 30
  • Years played 10 vs. 8
  • Total receptions: 634 vs 531
  • Total yds : 9743 vs 7357
  • Yards per catch: 15.4 vs 13.9
  • Total TDs: 53 vs 56
  • Avg Receptions/Yds/Yds per game: TYH 63.4/974/68….OBJ 68.8/919/76.7
  • Last 3 years receptions/yds/yds per game/yds per rec avg : TYH 41/531/41/12.9… OBJ 47/630/54/13.4

Hilton is obviously a better deep threat and pretty similar in consistency. OBJ is slightly better in a few areas but considering his hype and perceived cost, TYH is a much better value. Is it possible all the OBJ talk from JJ was a smoke screen so we could sign TYH?

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