Dallas Offense 2021 Stats analysis

I enjoy stats just like those here, but I really like a more in depth approach to face more telling data. For instance, I see plenty of posters that throw out points per game to prove a point about a particular QB’s ability. I am not trying to prove that Dak is bad or good-just throwing some data for your interpretation.

I put together some stat analysis regarding points per game last season (I excluded the Cooper Rush game and final game vs Philadelphia for obvious reasons) BUT included the San Francisco game too. I also removed points scored via special teams and defense to further illuminate offense scoring. I am not going to worry about starting field position when the defense sets the offense up in great field position (too much trouble). If you spot some issues with the stats, let me know so that I can adjust if needed.

The sixteen contests I analyzed revealed the offense averaged 25.81 points per game with a standard deviation of 8.92 points. Against teams that finished over 0.500 (again dropping the final Philly game and including SF game) the offense averaged 22.77 points per game in the nine contests with a standard deviation of 7.00 points. Lots of games had at least one special teams or defensive touchdowns over the entire season.

I checked out other top offenses to inspect their scoring too. Tampa Bay’s offense averaged 29.21 points per game with a standard deviation of 9.45 points (including the two playoff games). Against above 0.500 teams they averaged 25.8 PPG with a standard deviation of 9.89 points (10 games including postseason). KC offense averaged 28.35 PPG with a standard deviation of 11.42 points (including playoffs). Against over 0.500 teams, they averaged

29.92 points with a standard deviation of 12.65 points (in a whopping 14 games). Buffalo’s offense averaged 29.42 PPG with a standard deviation of 10.96 points. Against above 0.500 teams the offense they averaged 27.7 PPG with a standard deviation of 10.55 points (10 games including postseason).

I will update this later to get a better idea as to where the Cowboys rank with all the other offenses based on my criteria.

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