Poll: How Much Decision-Making Authority Does Jerry Jones Possess As GM?

How much actual authority does Jones have as GM?
Option Votes
100% (approves or disapproves everything pertaining to the roster and coaching staff) 39
75% (same as the above but allows DNA Kid #1 to sub for him sometimes) 11
50% (only approves suggestions about the team that interests him) 4
25% (McClay and the House of The Joneses first born makes most decisions as his proxies) 5
0% (willingly or unknowingly makes zero decisions about players or coaches) 1

One of the best decisions Jones has made post-Jimmy Johnson was arguably the hiring of Will McClay. As the eventual Cowboys Vice-President of Player Personnel, McClay helped re-structure more sound scouting communications and talent evaluation. McClay has proven to be a valuable asset under Jones.

Is McClay, and others within Jones' decision-making process, providing roster suggestions that Jones simply rubberstamps with his approval? Or does an individual who, regularly attends press conferences, is frequently interviewed on radio shows, talks with players one-on-one like his coaching staff, attends practices and coach/player meetings, hosts drafts in a lavish room with his throne positioned center stage for network cameras, etc…

…makes far more yes and no decisions about his roster (and coaches) than it may appear from the outside looking in? And to what degree?

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