What result would make you consider ‘22 a success?

Does it have to be Super Bowl or failure?

How many predicted or expected us to win it all? How many gave up entirely after week one?

We haven’t won a road playoff game in 30 years, now we need to win THREE just to get IN to the big game.

We apparently stink on grass, and Tampa Philly and SF all have just that.

Maybe this is just me officially lowering my own expectations, which is probably long overdue, but who may be ok with the following, considering winning it all is probably well above and beyond what could realistically happen….?

Let’s say we beat Tampa. Not far fetched and I expect it actually. We finally beat Brady and end the road playoff streak. In blue nonetheless. Nuts.

There’s some solace in those two things, but a loss the following week means we still can’t get past the Garrett peak level with MM three years in. This was NOT a rebuild. It’s a fail to now in that case, and the window isn’t open forever.

But let’s say we then head to Philly, play to our true capability and knock them off in their house after the season they had. Now there’s some satisfaction.

With that we also broke the non NFC title game appearance streak.

If from there it all comes to a non heartbreak, nor fully embarrassing loss to a 49ers team whose GM wasn’t afraid to make the necessary moves to get them over the top…..

Considering all….I mean, the self inflicted limitations this franchise faces that isn’t going to change…. I may be able to see this as a successful season. In a way it’s loser talk, but you’ve gotta crawl before you can walk. Lots of droughts are broken under this scenario at least.

Would the arrow be pointed upward from there? I’m not sure….but the refusal of the Joneses to make two or three significant upgrades to put this team over the top is bordering on pure crime. That’s certainly a big topic for a few weeks from now. We may never again see a weaker NFC.

Anything less than a Championship is going to carry disappointment, but I suppose I’m already looking for silver linings since I have a reasonably good idea of what’s ahead.

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