Great win, now someone needs to take down the E-Goons

I believe the Cowboys can beat them when we meet them next. I'm not saying it's a given, but I believe this team, with a great game plan and preparation can defeat them. However, us defeating them is not enough for us to win the NFC East. We need some help.

As I look at the Eagles' schedule, it doesn't look that promising, but I believe some other teams have a chance. Here are those teams:

The Commanders — Any divisional game can go either way. Come on, Eagles, take them for granted. Go in there expecting to waltz away with a victory. Washington does have the ability to play tough football. I can't believe I'm saying this, but go Red … I mean Commanders.

The Packers — I know it's not a great year for Packers fans, but my gut tells me they've got a shot.

The Giants — It's another divisional game. Plus, the Giants have proven this season that they can win close games. They've got a good shot to beat the Eagles once, maybe even twice.

The Bears — They've played some good football this season, and maybe they're as sick and tired of hearing how great the Eagles are as I am. They could pull off an upset.

The Saints — I know they're only 3 and 5, but I think they have a shot at beating the Eagles. They look like they have some toughness. They could knock them off.

Of course, I'm not saying that all these teams will beat the Eagles. I'm saying one of them will. That would mean if we beat them, and play lights out, winning the rest of the season, we'll finish the season with the same record as the E-Goons.

Question: If that happens, if the Cowboys and Eagles, end the season with identical records, and we have one victory and one loss against them, who wins the division?

And I promise to make some voodoo dolls to use to sabotage the Eagles the rest of the way. Any Eagles victory is an obscenity. An undefeated Eagles team takes obscenity to heights never seen before. It results in far worse than vomiting. It results in dry heaving with uncontrollable spasms and a trip to the ER. It's just sick, revolting, and disgusting that they haven't lost yet. I hope all these teams really step it up and give them as many losses as possible. If I had a magic spell, I would make them lose every game left, and the TV would show sobbing Eagles fans, blathering, "Why, why, why, we were doing so good, but of course we Eagles fans totally deserve it for being such trashy, rotten people. I'm so sorry that we harassed opposing fans and threw batteries at people. We're human garbage who deserve this misery." That needs to happen. I'm going to go study black magic now.

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