Recent history in home games vs eagles

Lots of interesting recent history tidbits about upcoming home game vs eagles:

  • The eagles have lost 4 straight games in Dallas and 5 of their last 6 games at AT&T.
  • Cowboys have averaged 36 points per game vs the eaglets at home the last 4 seasons.
  • Last Filly win in Dallas was in 2017 on Sunday Night Football.
  • Dak is 7-3 all time vs Filly; Is 4-1 all time vs Filly at AT&T.
  • Jalen Hurts is 0-2 on the road vs Cowboys.
  • Zeke averages 104 yds per game at AT&T vs eagles.
  • The eagles are 6-9 all time in games at AT&T.
  • The eagles are 24-38 all time playing on the road in Big D.

Here’s hoping we beat the birds again at AT&T on Christmas Eve.

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