How I hope Dallas uses Deuce

Occasionally, even I stumble upon a lucky guess. In the draft forum, in early April pegged Vaughn as a potential steal for Dallas in the 6th round. Had I been more prescient, I would’ve championed for Dallas to secure him much earlier in the draft.

Those with a finger on the pulse now fully expect Vaughn to make the Dallas roster, and to force his way to immediate action. The questions remain: how extensive should Dallas dial in his playing time? With what play designs?

If you were swayed by a play preseason game 1, where Grier’s pass missed Vaughn, and surmised that he’s too petite for a significant role in the passing game – think again. At K-State, Vaughn dazzled as a receiver. He can leave defenders dizzy with his maneuvers. I’d even venture to say that using him in the passing game should account for at least 40% of his touches. His ankle-breaking agility is evident not just when he runs, but equally in his route execution.

Whether it’s inside runs, outside dashes, or catches, Vaughn is versatile. But give him space, and he truly sparkles. Permit me to repeat myself with emphasis: Give him space.

Initially I’d like to see this type of usage

  • A third-and-eight surprise draw inside opponents 40. Yup.
  • As decoy. We already see 42 freaking defenses out, where everyone becomes fixated on stopping him. His presence really opens up the office. Just getting him on the field is huge.
  • Crossing routes over the middle, hell yeah.
  • Anything that gets him one-on-one in pass game vs a linebacker. He comes out of breaks quicker than most any receiver
  • Wide zone runs
  • Again I’m also eager for him to do inside runs, but that’s opponent dependent. Not against Washington! But if our line is healthy, absolutely against most teams.

I currently view him mostly as 3rd down back, but am happy to give him a full drive now and then. I’d love to see him play 30-35% of all offensive plays.

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