5 games in

We are 5 games into the season, so now it's time to look at how we have done so far. I'm going to do the Good, the Bad, and the Amazing (not really anything ugly):

The Good:

  • We're 4-1. That's very good.
  • We've beaten both Super Bowl teams from last year.
  • Our coaches, overall, are doing very well.
  • Our special teams, especially Maher, have been very good.
  • Our defence is special and can win games for the team.
  • Our oline has been better than expected.

The Bad:

  • Drops – CeeDee and Gallup have had some very bad drops
  • Kellen Moore tends to get cute when he doesn't have to do so.
  • Anger has had one bad punt per game

The Amazing

  • We're doing this with a backup QB
  • Coming into the game, our defence had held teams to 19 or less points in each of the first 4 games for the first time since 1973, we just passed that mark. Ironically, against the same team that ended that streak in 1973 (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1973_Dallas_Cowboys_season) in the same city after playing Washington the week before.
  • We were 3-1 when we played the Rams in 1973.
  • We just past that mark by holding the explosive Rams to 10 points.

All in all, things look very good for the Cowboys. The rest of the schedule is follows: @ Philly, Detroit, Chicago, Bye, @ Green Bay, @ Minnesota, NY Giants (Thanksgiving), Indianapolis, Houston, @ Jacksonville, Philadelphia, @ Tennessee, and @ Washington.

The way that I see it, if we play as we should, we should split with Philly, beat Detroit, beat Chicago, beat Green Bay (they look beatable, and I think Rodgers might be very beat up after that game), we should beat Minnesota, and a lot of the rest of it. As I see it, if we play like we should, then I think we should sweep NY, we might drop one or two down the stretch, but I can see us going 13-4 or 12-5 down the stretch. If we can't win the division, then it should net us a very favourable wild card spot. I'd say, as of right now, we are looking very good. What say you all? With where things stand, how are we feeling?

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