Cowboys coaching staff deserves much credit

In a game not many gave this team much of a chance being one of the highest underdogs at home in modern team history against the Bengals needing a win after losing their opener , this coaching staff came up with a game plan that worked and took control early on.

We also illustrated what is the best means to win without your starting QB with stout defense causing havoc and pressuring an opponents heralded elite QB which takes pressure off of your offense and backup QB.

But our backup QB rose to the occasion as well with big plays to extend drives and score. Possibly the most effective backup QB we’ve had since the 90’s.

Credit must be given to our OC for developing a game plan catering to the strengths we had on offense . Not to mention credit to our DC . Our HC took an early risk on 1st possession with a 4th down in our own territory which led to our 1st TD .

If that doesn’t work it could have changed the complexion of the game. When you have nothing to lose in a game most everyone doesn’t expect good results such risk can often turn the tide or set precedent and tempo.

This win not only keeps the season alive with more hope until our starting QB returns but it builds confidence moving forward. As a matter of fact even if we’d lost in the end I think our performance would have still given us confidence we can muster a few wins during this time.

This was definitely a How bout them Cowboys moment. Something most didn’t see coming. Well done Dallas Cowboys !!!

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