Is Dak contract biggest issue critics have?

This issue appears to come up more often when criticism inflates with our QB. That we should be having more success with a QB who is paid the amount of money and portion of our Cap he is.

In comparison Prescott is paid similar to those like Watson, Carr, Murray and Cousins whose teams haven’t had anymore success than Prescotts.

I think most of us would agree that average to above average QB’s are over paid and all too often paid similar to the more Elite QB’s. At least initially when they sign. But is that these QB’s responsibility or the owners and front offices that pony up along with the coaching staffs which support it.

It’s a tough balance . Unfortunately all Franchise QB’s aren’t Elite . But when you find a serviceable enough QB to try and build around it appears that part of the process is locking them up before they can become a FA.

And this is where overpaying them is part of the process. In turn we often see the ownerships, front offices and coaching staff hype or justify their contract of their Franchise QB that he’s enough to win. Again, all part of the process.

Not sure why this burden is put all on the QB’s. Should they say, no boss , don’t over pay me.

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