Can this dysfunctional ownership return to glory without an Elite QB?

First of all this isn’t a Dak bashing thread . I think most fans believe Dak is enough to build around if we had a normal organization.

Many fans want the Cowboys to go All In. And I’m just not sure these Bozo’s are willing to risk their relativity and interest that mediocrity provides them to hype and sell . It’s a comfort zone for them being a playoff contender which keeps the registers ringing.

What I’m proposing is given if everything else stays the same I think the one piece that could elevate or take us to the next level is an Elite QB.

These fools have proven they can build a playoff caliber team around the likes of over achievers like Prescott and Romo but what if we had a Mahomes, Burrows type QB. Could that be enough to take us to the next level. I’d sure like to find out.

I understand there’s only a handful of these type of QB’s in the league . But how far are those teams going without those types of QB’s?

It takes too much of well oiled machine in the front office and coaching to build a Super Bowl contender without one of these type QB’s IMO.

I understand this isn’t something we can do under current contracts but I think ultimately if we truly want this frikin front office to have more of an opportunity to flourish this is the one entity or asset that might be enough to knock the door down. I’d sure like to try at some point.

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