Do we actually have fans who believe Dak is Elite?

I’ve been going to bat for him in recent years against the Dak Haks but in another thread been arguing with a fan I actually agree on many issues but he believes Prescott has become Elite and in Top 5 of QB’s in the league.

He even asked me what 5 QB’s are better. Which was an easy response. Prescott is arguably by most sound analysts and critics closer to a Top 10 QB, not Top 5. Which being in the next best group isn’t a bad place to be .

The argument stemmed from a basis narrative of his that Elite QB’s were a necessity to being a consistent contender in Cap era. Which is another argument within itself . There are exceptions to that rule as well. But the argument initiated with criticism of franchises with less playoff success this era. We actually agree to a point on that basis.

And then he said Dak has become Elite. Even saying that he had bashed him earlier in his career. Are there other fans who also believe he has become Elite? I thought besides the extremes on both sides of the Haks and Homers that most felt he was closer to Top 10 to above average . Enough to build around and hopefully have more success.

Like most franchises except for a handful who have an Elite QB, you have to build around average to above average QB’s. No shame in that . Anyway, curious where the vibe is at this time . Not interested in hearing from the extremes. Thanks

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