Here’s how I would fix the offense

Dak is getting restructured so that’s a given. But as Parcells said, you need to start taking the ball out of Dak’s hands and get it back to being a physical run based O (similar to what say San Fran does).

The next step would be figuring out what to do with your three OTs. Smith, Steele and Smith. They could just put Tyron back at LT and Tyler goes to LG but the cost associated with that is pretty high. Trading Tyron would save you $10 million in cap space. A real GM could probably get a decent haul for him. Jerry will get some late round pick because he sucks at trades. I think you have to bite the bullet and move on from Tyron. I hate it. But the franchise has faith in the two younger OTs and the cap savings is significant.

Further, along the OL, go out and find a legit veteran OC or OG that is high quality. Interior OL play has to improve. Biadasz could work if you flanked him with Martin and then a legit LG. Unfortunately, the Cowboys seem to think you draft your starting OL, which is dumb, but that’s what I would do. But to me, bringing in a vet OG, even an older one who is only a year or two fix makes sense. This team isn’t building to win 3 years from now. They have to win now.

Zeke has to be cut. Even if he took a major salary cut, his cap hit is too much. He’s also in decline. Bring Pollard back, maybe even on a short term prove it deal since he’s coming off major injury. Then you need a vet and there is a guy out there that I think would be a great fit. Raheem Mostert. I don’t know how tough it would be to get him because he seems to love playing for the Shanahan/McDaniel tree and I suspect Miami wants him back. But give me Pollard, Mostert and then I can grab a TB in the middle to late rounds of the draft. Maybe even two given we have some comp picks coming our way as well.

WR has to get fixed. Lamb is a good start. The criticism of Gallup is unwarranted as he’s not the first, nor the last, guy that took a year or so to get his feet back after leg surgery. I am also not ready to give up on Tolbert but he can’t be viewed as part of the solution at this point. Go get a veteran WR, one higher on the pecking order than a James Washington. Then draft another, preferably in the first couple of rounds. Hyatt from Tennessee would be a nice fit here.


– Trade Tyron

– Sign a vet OG (or OC)

– Cut Zeke

– SIgn a guy like Mostert

– Target TB(s) in middle to late rounds

– Vet WR from a barrel higher than where they found Washington

– Draft WR in first three rounds

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