Yes, it was the Giants but that Cowboys team can work in the playoffs

They were efficient on O. Dak was sharp (except for that bad pick obviously). Lamb had more than enough help from other WRs with Cooks having a breakout game and Gallup looking a bit more like his old self. Ferguson continues to play well at TE. The defense looked dominant, pass rush was excellent. They even got some production out of Mazi Smith inside. Despite the dumb penalty, Gallimore actually played decently. Bland continues to show he’s a legit top flight outside CB in this league. That’s a team that can win in January.

The problem is that we’ve seen this before, where they fool us for a stretch only to start leaking oil come mid to late December and January.

– RZ crap has got to get figured out though. I actually feel way more confident that we can score from the 16 yard than than the 6 yard line at this point.

– Use Dowdle more. He runs harder than Pollard. I get it, they made Pollard their #1 and they are gonna force him the ball but through 10 weeks, it’s not worked so maybe time to start using Dowdle more.

– I don’t blame Pollard entirely though. There are some coaching issues with this OL. You can’t tell me a team what has arguably the best OG combo in the league with a decent OC can’t be able to run between the tackles. It’s not a talent thing IMO.

Interesting situation is setting up here, Cowboys should still only have 3 losses when the rematch happens with Philly. If Philly beats the Chiefs but loses to San Fran and then loses to us, technically, we’d be in first because we’d have the common games lead over them at that point (but that gets mucked up by the Arizona loss later – that loss is gonna haunt us I believe).

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