Bye Week Bliss

I know the trade deadline was frustrating. Jerry was out talking up his book and then nothing. It is VERY frustrating that he and sonny boy Stephen are always in front of a microphone being arrogant clowns. That said what did we really want? A WR? No way. Gallup will get better every week, Washington is coming back. Brown will be healthy. Lamb needs to step up. They are set there and any trade capital used would have been a waste. OL would have been a good add because I think they need more depth. For some reason Smith is being viewed as a viable add rather soon. I just don't see how that is possible given his injury but whatever Jerry has floated that so maybe he knows something. Still, they need help here. DT would have been my choice as the only weakness they seem to have is run defense. Hankins will help but I thought the Hill cut meant something was coming. It didn't and they seem to be weak there. We will see…

All that said this team is 6-2. Who would have thought that after the crap sandwich opener? What I like about this team is that they are playing hungry, getting off to good starts, and beating some teams up. They NEVER did that under that clown Garrett. McCarthy and Quinn seem to have this team motivated. Moore is a disaster but I think we will see Big Mike call more plays if that doesn't improve. The defense is the best we have had since the 90s. Run defense needs to improve because Minnesota, SF and Philly can really run it. Besides the DTs the LBs need to do a better job. LVE can not shed a blocker, ever. I liked what I saw from Clark as he showed more nose to the ball ability in that game than LVE has shown in 3 years. Hankins will help. I think Quinn will be able to do a better job with the run scheme. It's going to be OK. Special Teams looks great. They actually have a kick returner. Maher has been great. All good there. Offensively, I think they get better every week. Chicago has a good defense and Dak and Co. just shredded them. Gallup is going to get better. Good performances by the TEs. Pollard is a stud. The OL has me a bit concerned because of injuries so we will have to see about that. Think about it…this team can defend and score. When was the last time we could say that about the Dallas Cowboys?

So sure the trade deadline sucked. Jerry was vintage Jerry. Still 6-2 is damn good and I think this team can do something special. First time I thought that in a long time.


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